Wednesday, December 31, 2008

necessities that made 2008 the way it was

kim irvine continuing to be my best friend, multiple vancouver trips, cody swinklers becoming a part of daily life, blnk grls unvrd-e so i could ded, antided, post useless things, get high and post useless things and generally just talk about anything, being in new york, the people i met, weed, atmosphere, big L, nwa, cabin cafe, my mother, surgeries and doctors, renewing love for mixed media, good clothing, my dog turning 14, getting back together, vietnamese food, family matters, codys old apartment, the pair of $60 black jeans i bought in edmonton that i devoted so many months to, internet shopping, neil, 16 hour work days, chrissy james' car every day, the embassy, my boys, lurking, rarely sleeping, pink phones, hibernation in my house, losing friends, the inner city and northwest, people moving away, zoomin, airports with t wils, kims family, springtime semi-routines, tim hortons, constant change, goodearth eau claire, steve irby and ryan richichi, missing kelly, the birth of anakin, stewie becoming jaded, the old house by anderson and every single thing that happened there, firepits, adventures, lebanese, lifetimes self titled, vancouver island hardcore fest, brooklyn, the real world, milan kundera, and everything i can't remember.
i'm bored and tired but not tired enough to sleep. today was the longest but somehow laziest day. i don't get so many things that happen or things that people do but whatever because i don't really care enough to do anything. that sentence. did it make sense. everything just makes me laugh.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

new new new

i don't know why. i get bored.
lately my life has consisted of the following:

i guess this weekend was sort of a birthday weekend for kim and i. i'm glad sarah pester is in calgary, but i wish she wasn't leaving so soon. a lot of my most missed ones are in the city, and i'm happy, but they're leaving soon and that sucks.
i'm still in a white stripes phase and i'm okay with that. white stripes and krs-one. that's all.