Friday, January 30, 2009

i miss cheep

i have nothing to do today or tomorrow besides lurk... that's the way i like it. my boss called me three days ago but i haven't called him back. maybe for once i'm kicking the crazy do everything employee shit and just chillin. once aspect of my life that i always need to fill up and make successful is my job. i guess that's a good thing. in a couple weeks i'll start again. tonight kim and i are going to hit a classic for a friday evening then have a good night with a couple of our other friends. i've had the best past few days. i don't know why... but... auto-happy.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

i love veitnamese food at any time of any day anytime.

i don't know why i am just posting things. i'm baked. tonight i had the beest hang out with caitlyn, and the first with her in so long. fuuuck i love that girl. tomorrows gunna be a good day.

Monday, January 26, 2009

i love days when work goes by fast

alwaysssssss love for my dog.
tomorrow i have things to do for the first time in a long time. i don't want to do anything. somehow i've got really sick and feel like sleeping too much and not leaving my house but i'll get better. new episode of jon and kate plus 8 is on now... how come i watch tv. but jon and kate bought a new house. also, i might go to salt lake city to visit some straight from italy family in march but... i'm not sure.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

you dont know what love is until you know the meaning of the blues

i haven't put pictures on in a long time. mismash of the last couple weeks? i think. around there. two weeks. week and a half. i need to shower then watch a movie. that's what i want to do. lay in my bed. my sisters bar call thing is on friday... it's going to be chill. i never want to go to work again. as soon as i don't go to work for more than two days i never want to go to work again. my house is mad quiet.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

and this is the room one afternoon I knew I could love you

everything is good. i didn't drive for a few weeks so every time i drive now it's so good. so good. i don't know what to say. tomorrow i'm going to meet kim for lunch then go buy shoes or something. i don't work until saturday. RAD.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

blnk grls one two fuck you

this evening kim ayla and i got dinner then went to aylas then went out. when i was going to go home i hung out with the most random people for a long time. some boy with the nicest fucking smile talked to me about the future for a long time. i couldnt stop staring at his fucking beautiful smile. god damn. he told me i should move far away, he thinks it would be good. like ny far. it's weird how someone who knows me so well, like erin, tells me i need to leave far far away then someone ive known for half an hour and probably cant remember my name tells me the same thing. tells me that it would be so good for me. i dont know what point im trying to make there. but i get it. ya know? my cab driver talked me all the way home. we talked about how we both love wal mart and spending too much money there. and how living on the edge of inner city fucking rules. what the fuck? hahahaha. now i'm having a big conversation with sarah pester on facebook im because shes too far for me to make her come over or for me to show up at her door. she's in in victoria. jamie is right. i think all the people i love should just move to vic and make the most perfect, chillest little city thing. so good. beach weed and best friends. good. mike z is also talking to me. i love miss that boy with allll my heart. i'm wasted.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

if i'm just bad news then you're a liar/if it's not keeping you up nights then whats the point

i'm mad tired and really hungry but i have no idea what i should eat. fuck not being able to eat anything. it sucks. no. it's actually not that bad because it forces me to be so conscious of what i eat and to eat way more healthy ... but. ugh. no gluten, lactose, corn-products, imported tropical fruit (bananas, oranges, mango...), beef, pork, and a page and a half list of the most random shit that i never would have eaten before, but now i can't even if i wanted to. i don't know. rice is my best friend and the only carbonation/high sugar content that i allow myself is the occasional redbull. bullSHIT.
my job is once again, starting to make me so angry every time i go into work. i love all my co-workers and my boss but sometimes particular people are just so fucking incompetent at everything they do. try to do. jesus christ. probably my number one pet peeve/thing i hate... morons. hahahahaha. but actually, if you just don't understand anything going on around you or anything that you have to do or anything... and you're just generally unintelligent... i just... can't do it. that and people who chew with their mouths open. aaaaaugh.
i don't know why all of that is so angry. i didn't have that angry of a day. i'm going to make myself rice noodles, chicken and a giant salad for dinner. mmm. and raspberries later on. such good food. tyler wilsss wants to lurk later. if i feel like leaving my house in a couple hours i'm going to. good. tyler's like my big brother. i love him.
sunday erin, sophia and i start hot yoga! worrrrrrd.

Monday, January 12, 2009

hearts in bunches

love you


i'm doing absolutely nothing today. no work no anything. home all day. i bought a lot of movies yesterday so i'm going to watch some of them i think. maybe cabin in and grab a drink.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

the woods are lovely dark and deep and i've got promises to keep and miles to go before i sleep

i never post any my shit on the internet. ever. i don't know why i'm doing this.
this is old, by about two and a half years. done in one sleepless night. didn't get up until it was done and never went back and finished it. there's a lot of things i should probably clean up about it, but i still like it. might look familiar to some.

another one of those things that i sat down and didn't get up until i finished it. madonna?

series project. tupac is missing because im still fucking around with it. hahahaha.

just a few...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

for what it's worth it was worth all the while

sophia came into cabin today and brought me a mix cd that is entitled "for dem niggas & bitches," along with a box of livewires. the best birthday present. thank god for that little asian. i love her.

this was today, kind of. i was just grungey. that's okay.

for so much of my day, every day, i just sit around and do absolutely nothing while watching people being generally productive and focused. and think about how much i am not like them in so many ways haha fuuuuck. i haven't seen kim in four days. i probably won't see her for another three. that sucks. seven days. tonight i'm going to watch mtv on the internet until i'm tired enough to go to sleep. tomorrow i'm going northeastwards to go to h&m. highlights of my week. they're good.

and also, beyonce is a babe and that if i were a boy song is constantly stuck in my head. i like her just because of those two reasons.

see.. baaaaaaabe!

Monday, January 5, 2009

monday blues

when i watch the city i get in one of those super homesick but not moods. homesick but not... opposite of homesick? homesick for somewhere other than where you live. would do anything to be back on those streets right now. i miss nyc. i miss the east in general. every day i think about when i'll finally get my ass back there. new york and italy. the best city and the homeland. they're so different from each other but both so beautiful. maaan!
today i watched mr and mrs smith and it made me happy because i like angelina and brad together but think about how hurt jennifer was when she found out about that whole thing and on the set of that movie and man oh man i just feel so bad for her. i have no idea why i'm talking about hollywood celebrities... i don't really know anything about any of them. to be honest i don't know if anything i just said was true. first name basis, hahaha. whatever.
today was actually a stupidly bad day but i'm shaking it offfffff...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

white smoke, white light, white marble on the floor

sometimes (most of the time) i don't realize how rad it is to have a best friend. best friend as in an unconditional best friend, and thinking about not being friends with that person just doesn't ... work. it just won't happen. kim and i are lucky lucky girls to have each other... since the first time we actually spend more then 30 minutes of time together we've been inseparable. i think it's the friends that you instantly love are the people that you'll fight to keep in your life no matter how far you might be separated or what changes might happen. the people that as soon as you spend time the rest is history. i'm lucky to have a handful of amazing people in my life. sappy.
a lil riach will be born soon... and i've been given permission to exercise my influence on this baby girls life. GOOD.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


tonight i went for vietnamese dinner and to that movie milk. i fucking love sean penn, i always have. i feel as though i should lurk to my bed soon or at least my couch to watch some sort of movie. 730am tomorrow i gotta be awake and gone. going back to work after a 4 day break seems so weird i'm used to being there every day. baah

i know who i want to take me home

the pictures that were taken last night are pretty much all shitty because anyone that used my camera, including myself, were all too drunk to know what to do. that's okay. i had a nice night. i'm glad kim and i got to spend new years with palomaaaaa.