Monday, March 30, 2009

making eyes across the room

these are from the weekend.... it was the weirdest weekend but was still good. every weekend is good. if you choose to accept whatever happens and have a good time. the way to be.
today has been almost a bummer. long long days make me weary. hayley and i fully had a three hour conversation about the best things at work tonight... she gets it. she's a chill girl. i'm glad i'm getting to know her.
it's basically april. that's fucked up. kim and i get our house in three months almost to the day.
today i lurked 17th so hard, so baked... all alone. i went to g7 for the first time in so long (remember how i'm trying to not spend money on clothes and stuff? i relapsed. serious withdrawl symptoms. all i want is clothes clothes clothes shoes ah...) aaaaaaaand i picked up a pair of shoes i've had my eyes on for a while. the boys were nice and gave .... 60%? 65%? off. they've been so good to me over the past few years. i can't remember the last time they made me pay full price. aw.
i can't help but to be constantly confused by a select few things and people. i don't understand text messages or messages in general. the kind that aren't on the internet or on my phone. you get it?
cole is home really soon. dustin is home really soon. i'm so happy... i miss them.

this shit is piling up head over fist
while you're,
while you're,
while you're making eyes across the room
while you're making eyes across the room
while you're making eyes across the room
while you're making eyes across the room

Saturday, March 28, 2009

morninnnnnng bird

i think a key thing to everything right now is constant change that's not too overwhelming. i need new things places faces. maybe in order to take steps towards figuring it out. and maybe taking steps closer to figuring out what i'm supposed to be figuring out. i like everything changing but a few things staying the same. like kim in my life. i wouldn't ever want kim not in my life.
i love people i can talk to for it doesn't matter how long because it's never too long.. about anything but mostly things that lots of people don't talk about/don't know about? mix of the two. i love people who i can talk to comfortably right off from the start.
all of these sentences aren't that great at explaining anything. that's alriiiight.
even though i was still ever so slightly drunk when i woke up this morning i went to work and had a surprisingly okay day. it was so busy for so long but pia and i won at being a good team and working a three hour long rush with only us working. ayla and kim came to cabin for lunch and chrissy stopped byyyy for a bit. i miss chrissy i haven't seen her all week hardly. aw.
i still love attack in black. ahhhhughughu

purple skies black trees

yo it's too late for me to be awake right now
too late
too early?
tonight was cool. i got wasted at aylas with a few girls. they're good.
then we went to the drum. so many people that i love were there.
it's cold out and i hope it doesn't snow tomorrow night?
i love attack in black.

Friday, March 27, 2009


tonight kim and i went to i love you man. i approve of that movie.
this guy. he's a babe. so great.

tomorrow is friday. denny is prepartying with us, i'm stoked.
i've been doing nothing for hours. i'm wide awake. i drove home tonight listening to brand new... it was late so there were almost no cars on the roads. straight through downtown. so nice. i'm going to miss my car sooooooooooo much in a few months. i'm starting to realize this. i love my car.

that was me... not long ago. like an hour ago. hahahahhaha whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat
recently i have also realized how much april is going to rule? it seems like as soon as the month starts there's going to be so much to do and so many people to see and just ... good month.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


today i worked then niko came over after for a bit then kim came over and we went to lurk with carol. then we went to ayla's and lurked more. i am so happy ayla is home. all i do is lurk. tomorrow i have to wake up early and do a lot of work then i don't know. everything confuses me. everything amazes me.
teal and i had the best talk today at work. the girls i work with are the best. yesterday at work erin painted my nails. excellent.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

find a w a y

the weather is making it so i wake up in a shitty mood every day again. not into it. i can't slip back down down down i wish it was this same time last week because everything was excellent. sunshine. i work in an hour and i don't want to go. last night after work kim and i went and sat at zachs and watched a cake decorating competition show on tv. then kim and i lurked and went to the drum for probably 20 minutes, if that. then we lurked more. my entire life is lurking.
tonight ayla comes home! i'm so happy.
i have so much work i really really need to start paying attention to but i just haven't.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

sky paaaaaaager

yesterday i worked and kim and chrissy came and sat at my work. i like it when people come to my work and lurk because most of the time i'm so bored. we car lurked for a while after work then all watched the season finale of jon and kate plus 8. so open ended. i hope there's another season.

there's so many construction guys replacing the shingles or whatever on the garage. so awkward. i don't want to leave my room.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

If my heart is made out of gold than why does it feel like I'm here all alone

on friday kim fraser and i had the best reunion night. aww. fraser. AWWWWW.

yesterday kim and i were going to go out and do things but ended up sitting in her apartment talking, doing bong hits and generally just... fucking around. i woke up to too much snow for a good mood then dug my car out of the snow. now i'm home. my brother and kerry are here. my sister and matt are coming here for dinner i think. then i'm going to go lurk somewhere. i still love new found glory. every day i just love their new album so much more. i need to paint my brother the picture i promised in february. eek.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

i don't want to see anyone other than youuuuu

today is already the strangest but best day. i got home at probably 3 or 3:30 last night then just fucked around in my house for a while then decided to go to sleep but just didn't sleep. i haven't slept. i woke up an hour before i normally wake up for work because trying to sleep was boring. i'm not that hungover i think, i should be. last night turned out to be a really good night. so beautiful outside and the people around me were so great. fraser is in town so he was out... so good to see him. he's one of those people that just no matter what i will always be friends with... 95% of people that i saw every day in 2006 are still a part of my life. that rules. i have no idea what i'm talking about. that's alright.
today is another beautiful daaaaaay

Friday, March 20, 2009

love hate kings queens

these pictures are from last weekend but i've been to lazy/busy to put them here. i don't know which one.

my girls are the best girls but somehow we're all too fucking weird. i wouldn't have it any other way though.
over the past few days i've been listening to 80% cold world. what the fuck. is it four years ago again?
oh yeah, it's fucking SPRINGTIME. amazing. i've been in a perma good mood for the past week even if i get really not happy. i'm still just chillin about everything. too good. also, carol is now an adult and is engaged. blowing my MIND.