Wednesday, August 11, 2010


so my parents and i went to Somalia, but to an apparent realllly nice place - a resort - the hotels were like palaces and beautiful boats would take you along the beaches. you know. vacation spot. the only thing was that there were still Somalian military/government/whatever personal everywhere, and if you didn't abide by their strict lisfestyle and customs - or for that matter - if you did anything they didn't like - that'd be it for you. depeneding, they might give you another chance before either banishing you from the country or all together killing you, but in most cases you were gone in some way or another. SO for some reason these "gaurds" heard something come out of my mouth that they didn't like. surprise. haha. and i didn't know about it until my mom somehow found out and told me, and then my dream turned into running away from these fucked up Somalian guards. there was this one dude who was helping me that had some super power of some sort and could fly, so he somehow translated some of that power to me and therefore i could fly, but only if i was riding a bike and concentrating reallllly hard on going really fast and getting away. it ended with a bunch of people chasing me, and me not being able to get this bike to fly, but at the last second i did and flew over the ocean to safety.

i think it was only set in Somalia because last night i was super drunk and watched southpark before bed... season 13... where cartmen and others go to Somalia to be pirates.. hahaaa

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