Wednesday, August 4, 2010

home at last

probably just lived two of the best weeks i've ever experienced - girl crewing plus skish, beach every day, cliff jumping in squamish, sunset beach fireworks, late night stoop lurking, living in my bathing suit and shorts, homemade meals, smoking smokes, seeing friends i haven't seen in years, east hastings, walking miles and miles every day, simone quotes, alf house, peeing in public places, crust barks, lakes, metallica singalongs, snacks, hiking, lynn canyon, suspension bridges, waterfalls, really really cold water, floating on logs in the most beautiful lakes, early morning ferry ride, $14.00 breakfast, vancouver isle hardcore fest 2010, tempest playing a great set, finding good books, getting calgary drunk, sharing too many shotguns and smokes and good talks with aaron, thin lizzy, getting hit on by girls, staying up all night, babes, ocean-side hangs, sabertooth/vic crew/simone me and skish for a weekend, fur hat with a tail, charlie, almost missing our flight home, crazy girls, freezies, barefeet more often than not, late night mcdonalds... basically just being in beautiful places with the most amazing people doing the best things. can't believe it's already over, i think i might sleep for three days..
lessons to be learned: don't forget your roots. do what makes you you. don't give a fuckkk

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